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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is EXACTLY what I had experienced with DMT.

The first times I tried it I felt a senses of ultimate love and positivity. And it lasted even weeks after the trip. I tried it a few more times and nothing significant happened.

Then things got weird. Even when I was not high I was aware of this strange organization of minds within society which I realized then was Illuminati.

The bible speaks of it in revelation "These are of one mind, and will give their power and authority to the beast."

Anyway, it was all good until things got weird, then one day smoking weed with some friends my entire right lobe went numb and I felt a kind of "jolting" pain in my pineal gland area as if it was being psychicly attacked. I went to the doctor and there was no physical damage, I was perfectly healthy, and yet I was virtually emotionless with pins and needles on the right side of my brain. I could feel a sense of draining at times, had a few demonic encounters, and ever since then I have not been able to fully close my body to influences.

For example if a bad person is by me, I can feel a sense of oppression and pain and draining, but if a very religious person is around me, I feel a sense of ease and less pain.

It's been a year and it has not healed. When I smoke weed it only makes it worse, I get cold and I cannot feel emotions like I used to be able to. There is NOTHING wrong with my serotonin, in fact they said my glands were extremely healthy.

The pain is specific to experience and the nature of people. It is DEFINITELY A WEAPON USED BY THE ILLUMINATI.
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