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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i've done NN-DMT a couple of times so i have some license to voice an opinion on this matter. i will say it's may opinion however..

DMT is fucking powerful shit, without question. I had an amazing experience i'll say that much, but what i would like to say in this thread is that i do not believe for one second it's all roses and happy days. On my first experience with it, i had a direct confrontation with a malicious entity.. i was feeling fucking great at the time, everything was going really well, then this mess of black lines/energy just intruded into my "space"/sphere of experience. I knew straight away that it was something not belonging to me, i felt absolutely disgusted by it's presence, and i told it to fuck right off, which it did. Everything else was great though, and i was left physically trembling after the experience with tears of joy rolling down my face. I felt totally blessed.

However.. it would be naive to assume there are not malicious entities in the astral realms (which is where alot of the DMT experience takes place, IMO), or even parasitical entities that would like to attach themselves to you. Any highly energetic experience (psychedelics, sex) is likely to attract the attention of entities wishing to feed off you. If you think that's BS, then consider how we use cows, chickens, and many other creatures for our benefit, or how ants feed off aphids. To assume there isn't life beyond our intelligence in other realms that feeds off us is totally short sighted. If anything, look around you at most people, most people are evidently carrying around mental parasites!

The whole "healing through psychedelics" thing i'm not sold on.. yes, they're powerful tools, but we do NOT have the culture or knowledge on how to use them properly. Not by a long shot. Get sick of people proclaiming they're shamans or use these substances/plants for "healing" when they're evidently just in their own world of delusion.

As Alan Watts once said, "Once you get the message, hang up the phone!".

Psychedelics break open the head.. but once you've done that, there is no real need to continue using them unless you want to smash your head to pieces! Anything that can be taken from without can also be triggered from within. My first astral projection experience was identical to a DMT flash, and i did it through lying meditation.

Using psychedelics is NOT seeing the world without filters. Fucking nonsense. If you want to see the world without filters i suggest you take up a real path of self enquiry and spiritual development! Don't fool yourself.. the real development is not as simple as taking DMT or shrooms, period.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 745719

I don't doubt that, i have experienced similar things through meditation, although they have been very mild experiences you cannot possibly explain it in a physical sense and i am aware it is completely different to DMT or other psychedelics, but nonetheless DMT IS a filtration system of the PHYSICAL PERCEPTION, except it takes you to the brink of physical awareness where its just your own conciousness and a whole other dimension. I am not putting psychedelics up on a pedestal and i know meditation and centering oneself is one of the most significant things in a persons spiritual development. But never deny the fact that these naturally producing chemicals do not alter perception, but you are right you can only go so far with the psychedelics.
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oh shit!

It's my old account!!!
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