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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
mind control shill dumbass...when your pineal gland is open/unclogged then you yourself can assess your subconscious and both sides of your brain fire at once...when its clogged up, mind control frequencies work on your subconscious to influence your conscience behavior...your subconscious minds with clogged up pineal glands are the filing cabinets of the dark military/dark masons/and mafia...taking Manna/potassium iodide KI to keep detoxing your 3rd eye and being a vegetarian or fish with scales as your 1 meat+ veggies /fruits will unstop your 3rd eye,and free your kingdom as you yourself sit as a jesus on your temple throne....if your not taking care and making the best of your temple and kingdom ,then the military and others are borrowing it and using it...this is why the jesus symbol is a fish...fish with scales should be your last meal of many fish meals so you stay off the cross/mind control...yoda..no i'm not kidding...PS you cant drink or smoke either,the way is narrow but he who overs comes till the end(end of mind control as your 3rd eye opens to your new life)him will i give everlasting life...it is well worth killing the 2 witnesses free will and ego so after your 3rd eye opens your 2 witnesses will be renewed... as jesus in your temple you break the 7 seals/7 chakras open and the 24 elders/hours of the day throw down their crowns/sunrays at your feet...are you worthy to break your 7 seals by will power and be faithful with the 2 keys that will open heaven and shut hell...the diet and manna...takes about 6-10 months out of your life for a new heaven and earth for you....you do think thats not to long to escape a lifetime of mind control/being used dont you?....hearts
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