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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle knowswhathestalkingabout
Post Content

I was checking the discussion, about Jim Carreys propaganda on DST drug here:

Thread: DMT - Actor Jim Carrey describes DMT drug experience (Page 2)

and I took the conclusion that the drug buffs are still mistaking drug-induced psychedelic trips with authentic consciousness awakening. DMT, the new hype of those who praise the use of chemical substances to reach crazy states of mind/spirit, is a the brand new Illuminati mind fuck weapon, to program the users into near-death/post-death sensations and KEEP THEIR PINEAL GLAND OPEN FOR ASTRAL ATTACKS, EASY POSSESSION and stuff. But people that love to get high is too stupid to see that!

Check this video out:

In another words, they created a drug that damages the pineal gland so hard that turn people into "living portals" to easy access of parasite astral entities. Simple like that!

Idol1 bump bump bump damned
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

you sir, have come up with the single most irrelevant piece of misinformation on the internet today, in the end the enlightened always win. so when the people in the world who are really out to get you come you won't have a goddamn chance in hell because you will never know anything about who you really are as a person, where you are going to go when you die, or the great connection between all life as one consciousnesses. just like they want you to. your buying into the global ignorance...become part of a solution, in the mean time stop polluting the internet with this crap. dmt is the single most powerful thing on the planet, it holds the ability to make everyone re-think the way they live their current lives. people have been having these experiences long before any recorded history,long before the illuminati. how would you explain society trying to keep people from discovering their pineal gland? how about you go do some research on flouride.your pineal gland is asleep, all you gotta do is wake it up from its crusty un-used state. all of your information is clearly just a kid trying to connect lines that arn't their because they look at conspiracy theorys to much on the internet, i see it all the time. you will read this and think i'm a fool who does drugs, but it doesn't matter, because their is just no excuse for how stupid you are. break away from politics, break away from religion, then you may find the determination to find out what your missing.
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