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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle khoisansun
Post Content
If I had read this thread a year ago I would also have screamed BULLSHIT.

But times change.

I don't think it is part of the plan of the NWO to close down the pineal gland.
I do think that dmt does open one to possession.

I discovered ayahuasca a year ago.
Did a ceremony with a Brazilian shaman -
and then one with a Peruvian shaman -
and then did some Santo Daime journeys.

My prayer in the beginning was for transformation.
For awakening, for enlightenment.
I did not want to experience something that would lead me
hankering after it. In other words I did not want to set up an addiction to the beautiful images and visions that many achieve through these plant teachers.

For me, there was never any effect whatsoever, no matter what the dose.
My partner on the other hand was lured in, foot , line and sinker. Saw the creation of the universe, spun out into future galaxies, danced with the brothers and sisters of his new tribe.

And yet I have not seen healing in his case. If anything I have seen weakness, lack of care, delusion.
Our kids are looking on and shaking their heads as he moves from ceremony to ceremony.

For me these plant teachers are sacred and they do offer amazing gifts.
But if you take them more than a handful of times, then the mundane life just becomes too dull and entities do attach.

This is my personal experience.
I have heard stories of shamans throwing spells on neighboring shamans during ceremonies. You have to be very careful who you choose to take you through this near death experience.

Jason Kapheus wrote about this on Reality Sandwich and he was also shot down in pieces.
But you know in my mind this post has validity.

You want to open your pineal gland, do yoga, do pranayama, practice conscious living.
It is work, will and focus.
No short cut is going to take you there.

If the plant teachers and their effects were heavy handed oppressors you would run a mile but because they beguile you with their secrets and visions, you don't realise the danger they pose.
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