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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle Council on Foreign Relations
Post Content
You should ask yourself how do you protect yourself from astral attack?

You say, 'gee, golly, why would anyone want to astrally attack me?

you ever had the urge to hate-fuck someone?

well that's exactly what an astral attack is, same thing. They wanna use you for a 'victory encounter' and once they learn to do it psychicly, ohhh boy. Just think of the simpsons episode where everyone is given a button to shock eachother.

You see they do experiments on mice, to see what drives them insane, they put the bully mouse in there with them and the bully mouse bullies them til they are all depressed. They measure the number of 'defeat encounters' and study the rats biochemistry/stress hormones.

The flip side of that is that the bully mouse, gets happier and happier, with each 'victory encounter'.

And this pretty much sums up the psychology of people.

Take Joe Rogan, he's got this killer instinct to beat people down, to have victory encounters. He slams the christian priest for not being open minded to Muslims, then does skits where he is humiliating stupid muslims and their beliefs. You see, it's about winning.

When you learn to see someone who is weak, and you learn how to give power, instead of take it. You make yourself weaker, out of love, and you take a chance, because most of them will just use that power to attack you when you become weak.
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