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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP might have a point. Yeah, it occurs in the human body. It gets released WHEN IT SUPPOSED TO and in a DOSE BY AND FOR YOU SPECIFICALLY. Shutting down the pineal is for one segment- this is to attack THE SEEKERS who would end up activating anyway. You cant just hack that shit and not think you got to compensate for the discipline and hard work you skipped. There aint no shortcuts. Dumb western mind cant conceive that maybe you need to get your root and your heart right before you go dallying. Also, stop using this shaman copout. Shaman didnt have t.v.s, I-Phones and God knows what uploading to their fields from EMP. This microwave mystic is gonna get some..no.... a lot of yall fucked up. Go through the wrong door and "you" aint coming back....
 Quoting: Ben 22744664

RegDMT user here. Not only have certain things have gone from conceptual understanding to experiential knowing.

It has enhanced and deepened my ability to meditate naturally.

DMT is not a means unto itself, it is a tool. And used properly, these crackpot theories become hilarious to one who has a lot of experience with the chemical.

It has enriched my spiritual life.

Intention is everything.
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