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Sophia: Wisdom's Fire!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1134945
United States
10/19/2010 09:27 AM
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Sophia: Wisdom's Fire!
Royal colors shine through the clouds at dawn,
Red, purple and blue envelop the sky,
Petitioning those under its watch to look on,
To lift their eyes to the heavens on high.

The dread night is over, its terrors overcome,
The bright sun has gently arisen in glory,
Nurturing the soul, so what once was numb,
Feels eucatastrophic joy at the end of the story.

[link to vox-nova.com]

Great is the mystery of the flame imperishable,
An unending love that consumes as it is consumed,
Heals as it burns: it is Wisdom infallible,
Sophia, in her, through her, all is subsumed.

Uncreated, she is divinity, the essence of the One,
Of the Father, begetter unoriginate,
Of the Son, by whom salvation is won,
And of the Holy Spirit, love consummate.

[link to vox-nova.com]

The Divinity, eternal being, makes created being
From Wisdom, ever simple and yet sublime.
The spark from God enters into the realm of becoming:
Establishing what is in eternity as now manifest in time.

Godís nature is discerned in humanity:
Sophia is seen in Sophia.
Our Lover from all eternity,
Has revealed that love in Judea.

[link to vox-nova.com]

From the Form which transcends all forms,
Love which transcends creaturely love,
Sophia in creation performs,
According to her prototype above.

She forms the great chain of being,
Reflecting all that is in divinity,
Actualizing what she has seen,
Into her own integral unity.

[link to vox-nova.com]

User ID: 16873984
United States
11/15/2012 03:24 AM

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Re: Sophia: Wisdom's Fire!