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Message Subject Oct 13-14 UFO's and 2012: Putting it Together
Poster Handle Janine69
Post Content
About 15 years ago, I saw a news story before I left for work. A fire in Seattle had destroyed an appartment complex filled with elderly people. The news showed pathetic scenes of wheelchair bound grandmas and grandpas in their pajamas with nothing left of their belongings. When I returned from work, the update on the situation was amazing. The earlier images had inspired people to donate so much stuff for these elderly fire victims that the news reporter, standing in front of the community building at the complex now filled to the ceiling with donations,asked the public to stop donating. Just then, the camera caught sight of a little boy preparing to cross the busy street toward the complex, pushing a tiny bicycle. He was no older than 4 or 5. No adults with him. The reporter asked the boy what he was doing there. He said he saw those people on the news and he wanted to give them his bike.
For the next 3 solid hours, tears poured out of my eyes. So much that my young sons estimated if they had put a large bowl under my chin it would have been filled with tears.It was like a washing over of my heart and soul. I did not realize that somewhere deep within me I had almost lost hope that there is light in the world. The pure love from that boy could light the whole world. In that waterfall of tears moment, I KNEW....there is hope...there is light.
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