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Message Subject Maitreya Lee Hill is on UFO Hunters!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Michael Lee Hill should just stick to playing KICKASS guitar


My personal faves are
Testing... 1 2 3
September (something, can't remember)

I got the mp3s off his website a few years back. Still play them along with my faves Joe Satch, Guthrie "God" Govan, Blues Saraceno, John Petrucci and unknown (to most) DC Slater. Nothing better than crankin metal guitar and NO VOCALS! Vocalists suck. Lyrics suck. Guitar doesn't suck.

I would've bought your CD Michael but it was always listed as out of stock on Amazon.

Your UFO stuff is "meh", but your Erie Lake ufo videos comes closest to replicating what I saw between Sedona and Phoenix one evening, the most vivid blue light I ever saw moving across the sky, but the blue also had some red mixed in at times, and it was strobing from left to right across the entity. Weird shit man. Thought it was a police helicopter cause red/blue are cop light colors... but then I realized I've never seen ANY light so blue and so intense. It seemed like it was focused on me, but I was driving down I-17 and didn't stop (damn it) and lost it in the mountains...
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