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Message Subject "aliens"/UFO's= our brothers and sisters from the cosmos...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Bashar: Channeled by Darryl Anka
From "Being Your Natural Self"
4-18-97 Malibu, CA.
Questioner: When you were talking about the remote viewing...
Bashar: Yes.
Q: ... and being in that paradox, then...
B: Yes.
Q: ... the tesseract, and going into the other parallel realities and all of that, then...
B: Yes.
Q: ... I am feeling, as you were talking about all this, that this is similar but somehow a little different?
B: Well, it is a particular or specific manifestation or one particular modality of expressing paradox in a
geometric form.
Q: Okay, but how is it similar to the viewing? I get that remote viewing is then very similar to it, but

going into the tesseract...
B: It is a matter of perspective.
Q: Perspective.
B: Angle. So in this sense, the tesseract is representative of different angles that allow you to peer into

different realities, even though it all seems to be the same box that youíre looking in.
Q: Yes.
B: Again, it is holographic, in that sense.
Q: So, itís the same as remote viewing.
B: It is one way in which remote viewing can be experienced, because it is another analogy of the same

technique. And that is simply shifting frequency, changing the angle of view, to allow yourself to see what is actually "here," that you heretofore thought was actually "there." The box, the tesseract, the hyper-cube, is one way to geometrically express another technique for understanding that everything you thought was there is here.
Q: Right.
B: So, in that sense, it is or can possibly be used as a catalyst for the concept of, what you call, the

experience of remote viewing.
Q: And if youíre doing it from the zero point energy, which is here and now...
B: Yes ... well, in a sense, if youíre really doing it from the zero point energy, you donít even need the
tesseract; because youíre at the zero point where everything is.
Q: Yes, okay.
B: You follow?
Q: Yes.
B: Zero point is yet another idea.
Q: Right.
B: Does that help you?
Q: Yes.
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