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Message Subject "aliens"/UFO's= our brothers and sisters from the cosmos...
Poster Handle sailormon
Post Content
shaun---Perhaps you and what was said in the video is right. I will relate a story of this last year regarding this. Know, my mate, she has few dreams that she tells of, only those that foretell of future events or something that is important.

On this occasion she tells me of this event the night before of the two of us being with some tall good looking and strongly built people on a large vessel or house as it was ornate and flowing inside like a sculpture.

Bear with me here as this woman in not into any of this stuff, she is just a normal hard working woman into her own life and simple world. So she relates to me over and over again, "that it was real, it was not a dream, it was real, we were there with them". I asked what they looked like and she told me they were tow headed, blondish, all over six feet high and had unusually roundish eyes, blue in color. The uniforms they wore were also tight fitting and blue. She thought at first they were odd and cultist due to the fact they were quiet and did not seem to talk, they hummed and got a message over without conversation.

There are details which I am leaving out for brevity, but she claimed I was one of them and it made her feel left out and she needed to do some waking up and changing or be left behind which I am unsure of what that means. Myself and them then proceeded to as she put it, leave the vessel and zoomed down onto the world that was below us as we were floating above the clouds and she could not do this making her feel badly. A word about that world, it was in her telling heavenly, colors came from within, not reflected, more like another dimension than here.

Before discounting this know that I was able somehow to fill in gaps when she talked which amazed her as I intuitively knew what was there. She also told me she had been there before as well and knew her way through the vessel. There is more, but perhaps we our family is far more extensive than we know.
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