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Message Subject "aliens"/UFO's= our brothers and sisters from the cosmos...
Poster Handle cornucopia
Post Content
Cool thread, I am sure they're are negative ones out there as well, actually I know ;)

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1231298

yeah, but all is good:)


really though it's ok, how would we know the right ways if we didn't know the wrong ways?

you know the drill

light/dark..all loved

one thing though, you see...this reality is changing because it's our time:)

thank you brothers and sisters...

there is a plan, it's not a cpmlete free for all..

plus prayers are real and we have been praying for a long time..

our prayers are now being answered...

thank you God, thank You, thank You

thank you:)

you know we could have a utopia and experience amazing things on this world if we choose to, well i choose it and it's time that love/light gets to run the show!

thank you


life is about life:)

creating life....protecting life...nurturing life...

i thank God and my brothers and sisters for having a structured universe with cosmic laws that protect life and nurture life..

thank you:)

it's time for truth...

time for love..

thank you


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