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Message Subject "aliens"/UFO's= our brothers and sisters from the cosmos...
Poster Handle ACDC
Post Content
Cool thread, I am sure they're are negative ones out there as well, actually I know ;)

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1231298

You and fifty generations of Hopi as well. The "ungodly ones" are referred by the name kakyakyauna. The good ones as the katsinyam. Note there is good and bad. The kakyakyauna abduct and murder innocent children, women and men and take their body organs while they are alive! They need these organs because the evil they perpetrate on this consciousness cannot rejuvenate their bodily processes. Just hope you don't contact this type cause soon you will have the opportunity to do so....

[link to mountzion144.ning.com]
 Quoting: ACDC 433433

that is not true..

beings are not allowed to come here from out there and do those things.

only humans can and do those things, the powers that were would like for you to think it was something out there that does such things..

this a human game on this world...to experience all that is..

graduation time is here:)

the end times:)

the end of time:)

truth is truth and shall be known...

love for the win in my book:)


trust me...trust yourself, lol..


honestly think about it, hey ask yourself for the answer to your questions

relax and feel your next thoughts..some humans communicate with thoughts, some hear sounds, some see things..

so where was i going with this? lol

 Quoting: cornucopia

You obviously didn't read the mt zion web page. Read it...
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