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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
Poster Handle Anubis
Post Content
This very thread is announcement. Started on today.

Main elements at IGCE;


-Nature (of Earth)

Whirling of the Elements (Swastika). Divine is Center, Spirit.


Are you speaking of the rise of the enlightened ones. Where the spirit of gods divinity will be released and those of high will, faith and love will be bestowed with the powers of the universe once again...? The place from which we all came, who we once were, who we've always been? The shift in global and universal energy is to spark and awaken the dormant levels of devinity within us? A lot of people associate these spacific patterns in oted history as doom dates... when it fact they are not at all. They are what you make them to be. If you understand your devine right, you are the ones who generate any sense of false consumption by your planet. Those will higher wills and a faith in higher power will see the true side of these changes, this is the will and way of the land. Soon, people will all see that whast they though they knew, was all a mere deceptions to keep you away from the truth that is headed your way soon.
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