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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
Poster Handle Rastus/Flaming Sword
Post Content
I cannot speak for OP, but perhaps an analogy.
We have been living for a long time, under the worst of times...some have had it "good", others not so good, and yet there has been an avalanche of "awareness" which has touched many many hearts...change, a simpler life, less stress, less poisons polluting our atmosphere, less ridicule and all that "stuff"...but its hard....try being a "sensitive" in a gung ho country town, or try being an artist where the Weslyan ethos has prevailed....so I call em "ascribed values"...that set of "norms" or guidmarkers, boundaries if you like, which we all caryy with us. These things are determined by life experiences and natural things, genetices etc. But we cant really separate all of it, because the reality we live in throws many dischordant impulses, messages etc...

So....until one can find within ones self a "stillnes" and imbue a "Peace", irrespective of the turmoil or things around...then there can be no contentment.

Now...contentment is..."a state of neither high emotion, or low emotion, but a place of study, a place where one can study, where one can observe, and through the silence of this appreciation, opens up the fluidity of the mind, so we no longer think in rigid predetermined ways...


As I said, this is just an analogy, my words, and as I am given to understand, that Grace is a function of God's Love and to enact that Grace, we need to act in Faith.

Now, Faith, is a personal discovery of a relationship with God.

Christ calls us to take every thought into subjection of His mind....so...when we do this, it enabled the mind to discard the trash and repetitive thought forms which occur when under stress, to allow a more natural and harmonious expression of Love to the Creator.in Nature, of nature, and for nature.

As humans, if we do not take our custodionship of this earth seriously, we are at peril of such awful draconian measures, that life simply wont be very pleasant.

So, where does this IGCE start?


In YOU, and you, now, I do know, that there are many quiet folk's of deep faith, those guys who dont wish to speak, and suffer the portents of ridicule which we see...

Christ said, not a soul to perish, I know an old hermit who says the same...

It IS called Grace.

Grace, a bit like a frost, a bit like an embrace...it is All

for without it....

we are nothing.

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