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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
Poster Handle Bowhunter
Post Content
Sad people still wait for doom and gloom.:-(

This morning "I" awoke to the reality that "my" husband may
choose another path, one without "me". "He" asked "me" last night before bed if things could ever be like they used to be? That was/is not hard to answere, because things can never be the same, not with the knowledge "we" now have. "He" immediatley took offense to "my" words. "I" said "we" could be happy in a new way, just not like the past. "I" don't think "he" understood. "I" love "my" husband, and "I" need "his" support in what "I" have chosen and what has chosen "me", Mission Annasann, for Humanity. And what "I" have to do in the future, "I" do for Love of "them", "my" Family...:-)Hope "they" can endure and remain with "me". Time will tell.

As far as catastrophic events. "We" can not know. It does not really work that way, only GOD/Divine knows that. But what "we" do know and have told "you", is that now is a time of Spiritual matter, and "it" comes from Above to below.
Those who are of purest, "I" guess "you" could say, will have better understanding. "My" perception of what Illuminator has said is like the feminine spirit, called from some, wisdom or sophia....so during these days "I" think "we" will be Blessed with more knowledge and wisdom.
"I" also think that if "you" are on a lower energy level, that "you" may attract that as well. Just "my" thoughts, and "I'm" still learning more everyday. "i" hope to learn enough so that "I" can help as many others as "I" possibly can.

So "we" invite and and all to a way to Annasann...:-)
[link to www.annasann.org]

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