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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
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Wormholes between levels of existence, like stargates, will be more and more active. Inside of wormholes is a spiral time, no-time, perfect time, which is change in space. Transfer of informations, intelligence and energy between the levels.

Period of Scorpio is a period of (great) change. It's ATU XIII, Death, transformation. Also in ALchemical way. Sun exactly in the centre of it at November 8th, as Earth in Taurus (Earth sign).

Earth is at exactly position around the Sun as it was 8th years ago at today.

Annasann Mission is not connected with any other mission, like "galactic federation", pleiadians and so on are. With noone of them.

No false flag event. It's START of concrete IGCE. More and more.... spiritual and material and inbetween. Everywhere, everytime but not at once.

Yes, Illuminator have a special connection to Above, to Higher Source directly. But also more too.

It's of The Lighthouse.
Physical location of The Lighthouse is somewhere in north S-love-nia at the moment. Near town called Kamnik (eng. Stoner). At November 4th, at 12.12 central european time, there was EQ, about 4 R, with epicenter exactly there/here.
Very unusual about presence of EQ in this part of Slovenia. But very significant in space & time. From center/centre to environment and beyond...
There is line of connection inbetween mediterran teutonic plate and european teutonic plate. Top, exactly here. Centre of Europe/EU and top of mediterran, as already mentioned on the other Annasann's threads. Symbolic AND real point, mark in space (& time).
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