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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
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Part 2


He add shortly after that the great meteor should crashed on Earth and ended the war. It will create a great damage and in particular, it will destroyed the American empire. War and the fall of meteroite will demand more than three billions of lives. Will follow natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, eruptions of vulcanos, should appear anarchy, chaos, violence and famine. Then it will appear yet great alignment of the magnetic poles and destroyed all the last what it will still existed of present civilization and resulted in the deaths of most of still survivors amongs the people, animals and plants. It will survive only abouth eighth milions people. After the alignment for three or four years an ice age should be occured, then the situation should slowly balanced and over ten years (exactly after 2016) will begin eden on Earth. Created to be a new civilization called Annasann (Eden on Earth), in which should be all in abundance and there should be much higher qaulity of relations between the people. Civilization should never exceded 20 milions of inhabitants. The technology for the interstellar travels should be developed and survivers should travel to the other planets and solar systems. Direct sponsorship over civilization would have the divine entities that should provide to us also needed technology.


The world should be destroyed because of the rule of money, greed and exploitators called The Black (Heart) Brothers, who manage with money, add Illuminator. We live in the wrong, upside-down world. You are only succesful if you have a mansion, parked in front of it a good car, you have a company and you are known. But all these is based on a mentality of ambicious minds, for those sick ambitions you sacrifice the people and nature. The new civilization will have foundation based on a heart culture and on equlibrium. Nature should be respected. Basic virtue will be; Do by (your) Holy Will, in the overcome. From it there comes three virtues, which are called Noblesse: honour, pride and loyality. Honour is a virtue that developes high-quality, precious relationship with the environment and combines the following two virtues: pride and loyality. Pride is a virtue, the quality of relation to oneself. You are not a vertebrate, a worm, which fall down under pressure, for others to stand/walk on it. You must be upright, to show yourself, to be what you are. To follow your path and do not let to manipulations to push you away from path. Loyality (fidelity) combines the first two virtues and also means that you are true to yourself and to the environment. That the pressures, expectations and welfare benefits can not turn you away from your path and you are true to yourself, your mission and to environment.
Each has its way, why it was incarnated, explains Illuminator. Only that you must do and nothing else, there is no need to accomplish the sick ambitions which are expected from you to do by society. All in all. However, to accomplish that, you must firstly achieve a contact with your holy guardian angel, the companion, higher self, core, personal God (true Soul). Human has only two duties in his/her life; First; get in contact with Companion and second; to follow Its instructions in his/her life after.

End of Part 2. (of 3)

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