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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
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Part 3 ... and present time comment



Will survive only people who will be selected by theirself and be selected by Them - both! - Illuminator thought. This should they proves by their lives. Will survive only the people who will have after (and before) the Apocalypse the sign of God on their foreheads (and heart), extinct will people with a sign of the Beast 666 on their foreheads and on the palm of their right hand (left handed, left hand palm). This last is a sign/mark of money. At the forehead is because their all thought processes are focused on getting money and how it will be then used, with the right (or left) hand we give and take. All trading, exchange of energy, is based on a money. These changes should survive only the people ready in the Spirit. No willinges at the physical level will not help them, is sure Illuminator. According to him, this should be natural selection. More than 96% should not survive, survive should only the people, who will be like seeds for sprouted of the new one. In the history there were a lot of repairs attemps, but these doctrines become degenerated, as of Jesus's for example. The whole structure of (present) civilization is based on a money and you can't be separated of it (for surviving). It's like with computer. It makes no sense to repair the antiquated computer and programs, it's better to buy a new one and upload the lates program on/in it. Modern civilization is degenerated already so much, that is no longer either possible or even reasonable to repeair it.


Part 3/3

Original date; November 5th, 2004


Present time comment

All is still in, only events are compressed into a period 2010-2012-2016.
Much has been done on a Spiritual level to avoid all that, by Illuminator too.
For Humanity.
Survivers will be much bigger in numbers now.
The Divine Community is not the oppressor. Black Heart Brothers ( Sisters) are.
The Divine Community gives Grace, Light, Love, Liberty and Life.
Those, which you call Illuminati & co, the present elite (but not all) are those, who are or will be responsible for such events, if they will really occured as such.
Nature will make a Great Purification too. From the Earth and from the Universe.
Intensive Great Change Events - IGCE.
Now to come in a compresed but also in a much more soft form.

Tomorrow is November 13th, 2010. Many will understand better all that after this date/day and in the future days to come after; sooner or later.

Good luck to all. GOD/Divine's Grace let it be Above and WithIn you.

The Lighthouse; you know where to find it.

This is Our Swan song on GLP.

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