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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Swan song on GLP

Translation of interview (the only public one by now) in a most popular slovenian newspaper at date November 5th, 2004.

Read by about 400.000 people of 2.000.000 of all citizens of Slovenia, EU.

With present comment after.

Posted as Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Part 1


REGENERATION OF EARTH. World War III has begun ... it will be rampant next year - Modern civilization which is based on money and greed, will be destroyed by fire - Regeneration of Earth will be survived by eight milions of people, which will create then the world of eden, of which fundation will be the heart culture.

The Gods or the divine entities (divine intelligences of subtle complex energies), who watch over development of humankind, have apparently decided they will nomore tolerate human errors. Mankind should be already so degenerated that they decided to remove the present civilization and start the new life again. In the world after 2012, when the Earth will be at the end of transformation, it will not start the Stone Age, but all existed technical inventions and knowledge will be preserved. After the third world war in the years and the fall of meteroit in 2007 and after the last great apocalyptic event at the end of 2012, from the current six billion and 300 millions people on Earth, only about some more than eighth milions people will be survive.


After the prophecies of old and newer religions for the earthly civilization should started the final period, time of catastrophes, after the world should be destroyed. This, among others, was announced by Nostradamus, the Maya (after Mayan calendar at 2012 should happen the end of the world) and the Hopi Indians. After the destruction comes better world, world of Eden, a new civilization. Old should be destroyed by fire in apocalypse is convinced Illuminator. He believes that apocalypse started at October 26th - November 5th 2002 and will last untill the end of Earth's planetary (present) civilization to December 21th, 2012. As of October 26th - November 5th, 2002, time is only counting down. The process can not be stopped. We can not go nor to left nor to right, but there where path leads. Script was written long ago.
In the subsequent years we should be by Illuminator witnesses to increasing natural and social catastrophes. Over the next year should, because of money, power and oil, started third world war. Should be started early already at March 3th, 2003, at Iraq and at October or November 2005 is expected to expand in south Asia and in 2006 also to a southeastern part of Europe - Balkan. In a conflict, in which should be used all avallaible resources should be included all of the planet. On the one side should be coalition of arabic-islamic forces, Mongols (residents of China, Southern and Northern Koreas and Japanese), on the other side USA and its allies. In 2007 should the winning forces, on their way from Balkan to Italy passed also Slovenia. Their goal should be conquering, predation and destroying of Italy and especially of Vatican, symbol of Christianity. Slovenia will thus be only transit country for land forces. (Slovenia) It will be only affected by global economic crisis, because oil will be extremely costly and will be very in shortage, says Illuminator.
(See also here, [link to www.godlikeproductions.com] = post of Illuminator.)

End of Part 1. (of 3)


Remember. Soon. "WW3". Matrix events of Babylonian global system.

We (here) are from the House of GOD and Peace, not of Babylon and We are for peace

But... Babylon... the House of Beast and War...

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