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Message Subject November 5th, 2010 - start of the global Intensive Great Change Events (IGCE)
Poster Handle Bowhunter
Post Content
Actual Korea war crisis.

If events should goes in that Matrix line direction, then remember next infos;

- This big war, of which Korea crisis is just beginning, will be called/named "Black War", not WWIII.

- Allies 1; NK, SK, China, Japan (all "Mongols") & Arabic-Islamic forces too after, with Russia as "silent" backup to all of them = all called "Yellow Helmets".

- Allies 2;USA, West and Israel on the other side

- greatest victims; India, Israel, Italy/Vatican

- War; about one year, after ended because of big global natural disaster

- Winners; no real winners, but more goods for the "Yellow Helmets"

Hope this scenario in Matrix of Space & Time will not be realised. If it will be, it's only on Humans responsibility.
These are war games of present global civilization Babylon.
We know these infos already from year 2003.

IGCE. 999

This war is one of bigger events at IGCE, but not the only one. Fall of Babylon. Made by Babylon.

We are for Peace. We are for Annasann.

Let it be global Peace.




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