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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
Poster Handle Rastus/Flaming Sword
Post Content
Being a simple person, there is much I don't understand. Don't understand much of what you're saying, but it's obvious that you have good intent.

Even a simple person can feel change in the air. Thank you for sharing and caring. HARTSEES
 Quoting: Nine's

Thankyou Nines...indeed...so..what can I say..except perhaps to ask those of sensitive intuit, to cast a prayer forth...just a general prayer for our fellow man... some have a heavier load than others, so it would be a beautiful thing to see the loads lessened and a "gift" of hospitality applied.

So, I got an email today from a dear friend, and it was heartfelt, and the saddest thing was the feeling of loneliness...of the sense of failure at not being able to reach out...the sadness at being called a liar...
We each have a different "story" a different "truth"...it is my hope that perhaps instead of reacting in blindness to things we dont understand, we perhaps take a more "learned" perspective and allow previously unfamiliar concepts sink in.

So, a call to an intuitive heartfelt prayer, of supplication, of thanks....of, dare I say it....the commonalities which bind us, our humanity....our shared dreams?

Perhaps a reconnection to a more childlike faith, in awe, in wonder, but in that childlike faith...the assuredness of the Gift of Communion.
Let our prayers be that "something in the air"..it matters not so much what faith....but morely perhaps that there IS faith.

Let us, strike a chord...let us...say...."we intercede"
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