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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
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There is something called Coph Nia (Order).

Now it will be used. You don't want to face it. Against traitors and evil doers. Guardian/s of the Faith of Annasann (Mission) and The Lighthouse.


Hi nice to see you again.

What you do think about the book of the law? Which is rather to believe, the bible or the book of the law?

What is exactly Coph Nia?
 Quoting: <| Bast |>

The Book of the Law. Liber AL. The most Holy Book of Thelema (III parts; Nuit, Hadit, RHK), Thelemites and Crowley, of O.T.O. and A.A. To Mega Therion. Beast 666. I know all that very well and all the other Holy Books of Thelema. White & Black. More Red & Black. Dark. Dangerous for low level occult wannabes.
Aeon of Horus. 1904 - 2004. Pediarhat. Much more infos about but not important for here. I was (still am) one of the highest international initiates of O.T.O. and A.A. Don't wan't to have anything with them anymore, distance already from 1997 (intro 1987). Was one of national and international leading officiers too, Initiator and Priest of the Gnostic Catholic Church. All past and distance to all that. Para-masonic order with Golden Dawn and Templars legacy.

You all still don't understand you deal here with (Old) Master (also Magus) of many traditions, but all is minor to Annasann Mission which started at 2002.

Thelema has nothing to do with Annasann Mission; with 999.
Nor with ILLUMINATOR Function.

Coph Nia = Spiral Force.
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