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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
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The Book of the Law. Liber AL. The most Holy Book of Thelema (III parts; Nuit, Hadit, RHK), Thelemites and Crowley, of O.T.O. and A.A. To Mega Therion. Beast 666. I know all that very well and all the other Holy Books of Thelema. White & Black. More Red & Black. Dark. Dangerous for low level occult wannabes.

a simple test is why did these orders focus upon talking and learning (reading) backwards?

what does that symbolise?

know that and you know the order
 Quoting: aether 1187276

Well, as I know not so. Satanists do that, not Thelemites.

Btw; Stelae of Revealing 718 (666), their - of Thelemites - main symbol is a portal to the underworld (sub-world, world of death, "hell", had etc.) From Egypt/Khem more than 3000 years old original. Now in Boulack Museum in Cairo.
I have had a good wooden (cedar) replica of it back from 1989, but I burned it at 2007 by suggestion of The Divine Community. The portal to down was in that way closed for all in global. Only CERN can opened it again by mistake (?).

So, who is done (very) much for Humanity? Illuminator or wannabe attackers?

Be well. All the best.

Annasann Mission is of True Light and has nothing to do with Thelema or with anything else.
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