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Message Subject November 5th 2002 / 2010 - start of the global IGCE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You all still don't understand you deal here with (Old) Master (also Magus) of many traditions, but all is minor to Annasann Mission which started at 2002.

Thelema has nothing to do with Annasann Mission; with 999.
Nor with ILLUMINATOR Function.

Coph Nia = Spiral Force.

For more you may ask Dr.Postman, Wiseguy mod, Blue Master of Bullshit.

Be well. Enough for GLP.


It is not I do not understand. It is that I have been deeply warned not to stray away from my faith in the coming time. I have been born and I grew up catholic. I did not know about this Egyptian stuff before I landed here and since my interest for Reiki had been called demonic by my environment I will not start with what is really called occult.

My reference website for events to occur and they always occurred without a miss since I read them is [link to www.joe-boehe.de] (for the last page).

Incidentally there is a very heavy warning in the last post against the Galactic federation.

I have seen how my mother got her mind destroyed by her faith. I am not so easy to follow and since the first time I had been asked as an AC if I were the one "they" were looking for (not knowing what "they" means), I will follow the advice I had been given and remain aside.

Another warning was that the aeon Sophia was not to follow the Elohim because the lower Elohim on earth are harmless to her but she could get a bad surprise if she met the high hierarchy.

We are in full duality. The Elohim against the Aeons. This is not a time to jump on the train on the first call.
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