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Worst Possible In 2012 Is Playstation Disruption

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1095205
10/26/2010 06:52 PM
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Worst Possible In 2012 Is Playstation Disruption
You just keep believing that. It's why those stories are being put out now.

Three years ago, not a mention that anything might happen at the next solar maximum. Not a word. Anything suggesting same was crazy talk by conspiracy nuts and paranoid lunatics.

Now it is saturation of the media with this story about a possible electrical outage. The same theme played in all outlets like they were reading from a script.

Yes, that's the worst thing that could happen from a large solar X-Class flare hitting the unstable magnetic field and causing a reversal or exodus of our magnetic shield, the only thing standing between us and deadly, horrific surface boiling cosmic radiation.

So stock up on batteries and candy bars, regular service will commence shortly thereafter. Nothing to see here, people, please keep moving along. We need you to keep working at those day jobs and paying those tax revenues so we can finish our own shelters off.