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Message Subject Update!!!!! - Ufo's Over Lake Erie - Ten Consecutive Night's In A Row - Cleveland
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Absolutely believe this -- My boyfriend and I witnessed them first hand here in Michigan about a month ago. He called me outside (he used to think I was nuts when he first found out I was into things other than Jersey Shore and clothes bahahah) -- Anyways, we witnessed literally five to seven directly over our house. I'm in SE Michigan, so it was strange because it's a suburban area.

I'd almost not believe it myself if it weren't for my boyfriend's serious belief in what we both saw that night too. I've always been into finding out what's going on, but I'm in no way religious -- just extremely open minded. I think it's rather ignorant people are ignoring these signs cause damn they're everywhere; especially the past few days.

Oh well, can't wait to see how thiiiiis unfolds. 5a
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