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Message Subject Update!!!!! - Ufo's Over Lake Erie - Ten Consecutive Night's In A Row - Cleveland
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I can now go on the record and tell you everything revealed in the below Article regarding Bigelow becoming involved and interested in the Lake Erie UFO is 100% Accurate, I am now in contact with the same Bigelow UFO Investigator mentioned in this article. He has revealed much to me about how this Activity is also now ...over Niagrara Falls, Utah, New York, UK, PA, ETc., worldwide explains it best. He said there are Hot Spots which are actually open Portals into other Diminsional realms, Lake Erie is one of these Hot Spots he has revealed to me. Anyhow, here is the article on all of this.

[link to naturalplane.blogspot.com]

Actual E-mail from Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies Investigator regarding MUFON and the Lake Erie UFO's.

"In Regards to the Lights over Lake Erie I am not absolutely convinced that they are coming from conventional aircraft.As an investigator I must be completly objective with any UFO's reported which has multiple witnesses. BAASS employees are paid professionals, all the investigators are former law enforcement detectives who have a higher level set of skills and experience.MUFON Takes anyone who pays the money and passes the test and works for free. That does not make them a credible source for information for me to except they're conclusions."

- Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies Investigator

Recent UFOs Over Lake Erie....Look Familiar?


Michael Lee Hill has posted new UFO video, shot over Lake Erie and similar to his initial video which has been seen on Fox News, CBS and several major paranormal websites. Hill's previous video has also appeared in UFO's Unplugged with Dan Aykroyd and David Sereda's film "From Here to Andromeda".

Flashing orbs over Lake Erie 9-18-2007
The first video is probably the best of the four.

Source - [link to naturalplane.blogspot.com]

Major Lake Erie UFO Power Plant Connection with Video and massive back story.

This is my favorite recent clip filmed this year of a low Triangle fly over my head in a no fly zone! Read video discription for more info, This is not zoomed in at all so it's better to watch it in Full Screen.

[link to www.youtube.com]

In the background of that video, those Tall lights that the triangle UFO just flew over are Eastlake CEI Power Plant which is also located right on the shores of Lake Erie.

Since 911 this is a resticted fly zone which was proven by the History Chanell UFO Hunters. Eastlake CEI Power Plant is also where the Black out of most of Northern America & Canada a few years back to was traced back to.

[link to www.nerc.com]
[link to marylandenergyreport.org]

I was told by an Insider that the largest underground base in the world is located under lake erie which the massive salt beds under the Lake makes it the easiest place to build.

Slow Motion frame by frame from above clip, check out the colors in fullscreen!


This is also the video Jaime Maussan recently broadcast over Mexico TV recently, Jaime Maussan is also the head of the Mexico Mufon. here's that news clip,

I have more, hang on...Want to know what else happened with this exact same Eastlake CEI Power Plant? It's also the location of the Famous 1988 Eastlake Triangle!

Here is that proof, I will give a link to a unknown interview with the 1988 witness, pay close attention to when she decribed what she witnessed back in 1988, it's the same objects I have filmed myself!

This activity over lake Erie is not anything new and this proves it.

[link to www.ufoera.com]

On March 26, 1988, two civilian witnesses to the Eastlake UFOs (W1 Sheila Baker and her husband W2) who were on the beach with the Coast Guard March 4, 1988 were interviewed. The following is a partial transcript of that interview, conducted by Dale Wedge (DW) and Rick Dell'Aquila (RD).

Several other witnesses have also been interviewd and photographic evidence has been obtained. To date, however , the Coast Guard has refused further information or interviews of its personnel concerning the UFO sighting that night near the CEI electric power plant. The
investigation continues.

This is all new research of mine, I have been piecing these puzzle pieces together mainly because I am smack dab in the middle of it. I have so much research on all the activity over this Lake Erie Activity going back into the mid 1800's in actual Cleveland Newspapers, people were wittnessing these Orbs of FIRE out over the lake, They called them "Wizard Lights".

There was a huge story right here long before these beings ever made contact with me. That is cool :-)

Sheila Baker 1988 Eastlake UFO Witness

RD - When you say "we"--who else was there with you?

Sheila Baker (1988 Eastlake UFO Witness) - "My husband and my kids. So I was looking at it from here and I said to my husband, "Well, maybe I'm nu...ts, I don't know, but let's call Sue," who lives across the street, "and see if she sees the same thing that we do."

"So I did, I called her and her and her son went outside and they saw the same thing and we kept hearing this noise at the lake and that really scared us because, like I said, the lake doesn't make noises like that."

"We watched it most of the evening and when it started
to come down, we all got real curious and we all went back down."

Sue drove down to the beach and she saw it with her son and her husband thinks she's totally "cracked-up." (Laughter.)

But they all did. Everybody thinks, you know, we didn't see what we did. So now we get down there and the thing's starting to land. You could see like red and blue lights and they said they were planets and gasses and nonsense like that, but they were actual lights starting to flutter. But before this, while it was still in the sky, there were like little triangle "planes", about, there were, we counted about five--we weren't sure if there were five or six, but we counted five of them that were running back and forth. They were going up and down, like hovering. They didn't make any noise, but they were going REALLY fast across the sky and by this time the Coast Guard was down there.

I had called the Coast Guard, I would say at least twelve times and they kept telling me, "Well, your crazy and nothing's wrong...

(Phone call interrruption).

DW Pause for phone call.

DW Okay, we're back on.

Sheila Baker W1 - So now what had happened was these planes were like, looked like they had come out of it, because they came out of nowhere. We saw them come out...I don't know if it was on the side or on the front of it, but you could tell they came out of it because they were real litte. They looked like little yellow triangles. They were real bright and went super, super fast.

They went up and down like this, instead of, you know how a plane goes this way? Well, they were going up and down and like diagonally at it and they were hovering around it and then they started shooting out toward the lake and this time the Coast Guard saw all this because that's when they sent their people out when these little planes started
appearing. And when they got down here, they saw these things and they were coming real close to the coastline. That's when these kids were getting scared.

RD When you say "kids," do you mean Coast Guard personnel?

Sheila Baker W1 - Yeah, they were young boys. They were real scared and we got REALLY scared beacuse we were right down on the beach there and we figured the coastline that would be it. We were afraid they would attack their truck, because their truck had lights on it. So w e told them, "Turn off your lights." Because the more they kept coming closer and closer to the lights of the truck, because the truck was parked on the hill. There's like a little hill over there. They could see the lights, because they seemed to be coming at the lights. And so we had them shut their lights off because we were scared. You never know what was going to go on. We didn't know what was in these ships or planes or whatever they were because we couldn't tell, but I've never seen a yellow triangle fly around the sky.

RD It was yellow?

Sheila Baker W 1 Yeah. Bright, REAL BRIGHT. It looked like a light. That's what it looked like. It looked like a bright light. You know how a car light you'd have? It looked just like that, but it glowed. It was

- Sheila Baker 1988 Eastlake UFO Witness 

Interesting letter I received from a Military Industrial Complex Insider.

Michael, I`m termed a sub contractor (W.S.F.M) (Note - These folks make pilotless drones for fire fighting with NASA)

[link to ntrs.nasa.gov]

More of Boyd Bushmans revelations are being run through several labs/tests as we speak Michael, you will be kept up to speed.

(Note - This individual is speaking about Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin Boyd Bushman's testimony from David Sereda's & my film From Here To Andromeda - [link to www.fromheretoandromeda.com] )

You will have no doubts by now Michael that the intelligences associated with the orbs selected you, just as you have since become aware that the intelligence agencies know this also but, are at a loss what to do about it.All are awaiting the orbs associated intelligences moves unfold via interaction with you.

Part of the reason of your selection was your frame of mind , you exihibited/transmitted neither fear nor anger, painful to these orb intelligences and much magnified, to what may be imagined.

Your enthusiasm to transmit your encounters is also factor.

It is no coincedence that you are witnessing and recording the complete range of UK Ministry Of Defence phenomena, there is motive and close/direct & mental encounters which I believe will be revealed soon.

- (W.S.F.M) sub contractor
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