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More U.P.S Doom? ..FedEx confiscates suspicious package in Dubai and England?

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10/29/2010 02:31 PM
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More U.P.S Doom? ..FedEx confiscates suspicious package in Dubai and England?
What? theres more to the philli story?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Officials for FedEx say the company has confiscated a suspicious package in Dubai that was shipped from Yemen and is cooperating with the FBI.

Memphis-based FedEx Corp. has embargoed all shipments from Dubai indefinitely. Company spokeswoman Sandra Munoz said Friday she could not estimate how many packages might be involved or discuss what was suspicious about the package.

The investigation was triggered by the discovery of a suspicious powder inside a toner cartridge shipped from Yemen via London with a destination in the Philadelphia area, a second federal law enforcement source told The Inquirer.

The device discovered in London "may be some sort of IED," or improvised explosive device, the source told The Inquirer.

The device, which had wires attached, was detected during a screening in the United Kingdom, where tests came back negative for explosives, the Associated Press is reporting.

The Dubai package was reportedly found at a FedEx facility.

Officials became concerned about other possible shipments of similar devices...

Ya know..the girl that sings that new u.p.s. jingle? THATS..LOGISTICS..