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Message Subject In about 1 hour hooligans gonna protests in holland for anti-Muslim leader Geert Wilders.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know the left wing can be aggressive too, but I only see them aggressive against right wingers who preach superiority over all and promote a totalitarian closed up system. I am not for living in a North Korea style superiority fantasy.
Easy Mind the so called anti-fascists are the real fascists.
Just an example: they even showed up and started fighting on the Dam in Amsterdam where people demonstrated for the freedom of press some years ago.
NORMAL people, in no way you want to describe.
85% of the Dutch is against islamisation, or maybe even more in the meantime.
So the whole of the population ( the rest are the muslims I suppose)are "preaching superiority over all and promote a totalitarian closed up system?"

I guess you don´t have children and live amongst immigrants?
Or do you send them to a white school, and preach multikul on the forum?
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