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Message Subject In about 1 hour hooligans gonna protests in holland for anti-Muslim leader Geert Wilders.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And when poverty returns, as it will in the near future, and once again people turn from materialism back to religion, which set of superstitions do you want as the basis of your laws and social structures. I asked my sisters this, and they are determined that their own children and grand children do not have to suffer what they did as teenagers.
If it is a choice between burning, drowning, put in dungeons to be stretched or pulled in 4 pieces. (Christians)
Or it is about hanging and chopping of arms or wearing burka's or being forced to kill (Islam)

I don't know, it is all bad...
 Quoting: easymind

Fortunately Christianity has the possibilities of reform and it has done. Modern Christianity is quite benign in comparison to the Catholic church of the 15th century, who are the ones who did the stretching and burning. Islam does not have quiet the same possibilities of modernization, except perhaps the Ismaili's. So the choice is not quite as you put it. Even though I am not a Christian myself, I would prefer to live in a Christian influenced countey, much more so than an Islam influenced one.
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