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Most of Space is Vacuum Space

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10/30/2010 11:30 AM
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Most of Space is Vacuum Space
It only makes sense to say this because in order for motion to stay constant it must remain constant at the speed only found in vacuum space. Vacuum space is then the underlying substratum of all spatial motion but this can only be understood through spatial motion so it is impossible to give a visible proof of vacuum space but it must exist in order for their to be any motion whatsoever. Motion cannot be without first becoming a logical necessity a priori without motion or lacking its motion.

This lack of motion or motionless is called vacuum space because motion is indifferent to all other motions but the moment of difference in which motion takes its form. Thus motion has its origins in a vacuum and the vacuum is the primal motion of all other motions. The motion of vacuum space is a continuity of all forms of motion and the genera direction of motion and its angles are equivalent to the spiral of the vacuum. This spiral is equivalent to all horizontal and vertical motion outside itself this is to say motion that has boundaries to a particular material being. The very fact that motion is bound to certain principles in the material world allows us to infer the notion of a gravitational force.

This gravitational force can not be verified simply on the principles of material motion it can be inferred that all forms of motion are merely mediating the gravitational forces through matter. We can then say vacuum space is the predicate of all forces within space-time and the absolute variable of three dimensional space. It is the fourth dimensional unit. Vacuum Space is the necessary force upon which arises a gravitational force. All force fields within space time correspond with it equal to the mass, distance, and speed that a certain object is composed of and project in itself.

It can be said vacuum space is void of all space but the very groundworks for the laws of space-time which necessarily relate themselves to vacuum space. Good examples of vacuum space in space time is the inversion of speed found in tornadoes and the turbulence found in chaos theory. Obviously the speed of the tornado is equivalent to the vacuum in a specific way that is. It is still dependent on the elements of the material world to operate as a vacuum but it is necessary an inversion in space time principles or the forces of the movement are necessarily disturbed and resistant in their application of the bodily movements of the world.

It can be said this is due to movement isolating itself into tube like structures in which they tend to rotate in an angle that is necessarily in uniform with motion of bodies bounded by gravitational forces. This allows the tornado to create a gravitational force just on the basis of its own motion. Though it is possible to say this verified newtonian mechanics and even Einstein's special relativity which he tried to unify with Newtonian Mechanics to the point where relativity becomes ill defined. Perhaps this is the nature of the universe to have limited motions mimic the spiraling nature of vacuum space. It would seem impossible but perhaps there are certain motions within time space that mimic the original form of bodily motion to the point where it becomes an anti gravitational force.

The components of the tornado will allow us to build vehicles that mechanize themselves in a way where the rotary force is equivalent with the force field that it rotates within. This would causes the rotation of a rotation to the point where a vehicle would be able to operate its motions without having to abide by the laws of gravity but rather be able to dictate its own motion and the motion of things around it.