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Message Subject I Give Up: The Apollo moon missions were UN-fakeable. They went and I must deal with that.
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To conclude - yes they went. They did not die of radiation in the VAB, CIS lunar space and on the Moon. Now what they saw over there is a different ballgame. And finally I do believe SOME of the images and footage was modified "smudged" to hide certain artifacts or items on or near the moon. There is probably a clear reason for this. There also might have been a film set where they did shoot some footage pre-mission, but that could have been a failsafe for the case something happened during the first mission (A11) and is unlikely to have been used in subsequent missions, unless there was a specific reason to show footage of areas which contained classified material in the background(s) in which case(s) they probably did need to replace some footage with pre-recorded samples.

Overall - It´s been a nice fight, but after nine years (give or take) I am back in the Apollo camp simply by elimination of all other options.

Reference thread here: Thread: Why do so many doubt the moon landing?

I don´t think I will dount Apollo again, even though I doubt some of the images and footage, but that´s besides the point.

Although I apologise to the surviving astronauts, I wish they would disclose what the hell happened up there which caused all the censorship.

There is something fishy about the Moon. abduct

Spain out.
 Quoting: Spain 1144108

I applaud your honesty. thank you
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