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Message Subject I Give Up: The Apollo moon missions were UN-fakeable. They went and I must deal with that.
Poster Handle ToSeek
Post Content
I appreciate the time and trouble you took to do this, and the integrity you show in following the evidence no matter where it takes you.

Still, for the benefit of those still on the fence, I still think you lowball the number of people it would take to do it:

- 3 flight controllers, not 1, since there were 3 shifts
- If the lunar surface video is pre-shot, then the capcom and many others are working from scripts. This means a couple hundred more people.
- Presumably all of the backup astronauts were in on it as well, since they had to be able to step in at any time (as with Apollo 13). This isn't a huge increase in numbers, though, as frequently the backups for an early mission were the primes later on.
- If the ASP is relaying its data to the Moon and back, you need at least two more tracking stations roughly evenly spaced around the world since the Moon will not always be visible from the ASP. You need engineers to build these and technicians to man them.
- I also think it would take more than a couple dozen engineers to produce a robotic version of the lunar module that could collect and return samples.
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