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Message Subject I Give Up: The Apollo moon missions were UN-fakeable. They went and I must deal with that.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
- 3 flight controllers, not 1, since there were 3 shifts
 Quoting: ToSeek


- If the lunar surface video is pre-shot, then the capcom and many others are working from scripts. This means a couple hundred more people.
 Quoting: ToSeek

I think most was live. Maybe some footage was altered. I keep thinking that if there really was a spectacular event as it is rumoured how they would have prevented this from reaching amateur ears... I know the video feed needed to be converted before it went out so that could have been filtered, but not the audio. Some footage may have been altered, same goes for images. I´d like to think they really found evidence of extraterrestial life on the moon and were not allowed to disclose any of it hence the tense press conference. The reactions of Armstrong I never understood. Must have had something to do with something they experienced which was immediately classified.

- Presumably all of the backup astronauts were in on it as well, since they had to be able to step in at any time (as with Apollo 13). This isn't a huge increase in numbers, though, as frequently the backups for an early mission were the primes later on.
 Quoting: ToSeek

Didn´t think of that. I had 30 who were destined for the moon less the unfortunate Apollo 1 crew.

- If the ASP is relaying its data to the Moon and back, you need at least two more tracking stations roughly evenly spaced around the world since the Moon will not always be visible from the ASP. You need engineers to build these and technicians to man them.
 Quoting: ToSeek

ASP control would needed to be close to MC and would have needed to use the same relays somehow. If not they would most likely have had to use relays on either existing military installations where staff with the right clearances manned the relay stations at the time or they would have had to construct these from scratch. I think military. Either existing or temp installations on military bases.

- I also think it would take more than a couple dozen engineers to produce a robotic version of the lunar module that could collect and return samples.
 Quoting: ToSeek

Fair enough, unless they found a fool proof way to fake 4 tons of samples.
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