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Message Subject I Give Up: The Apollo moon missions were UN-fakeable. They went and I must deal with that.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did you see, 'a funny thing happened on the way to the moon'. I don't know if it is secret, but I thought they spend hours in orbit before eventually going to the moon. I think they could have pretaped a lot just send a ballistic missile to the moon witch was are radio transceiver sending the supposed live feed.
 Quoting: moonfrog 1128259

Two hours and fifty minutes.

Well how would you send a ballistic missle to the moon unnoticed? Something did a TLI burn and went into lunar orbit. Something detached and landed. Something docked again with something. This was observed from Earth.

Could that have been faked? Sure. But where was the crew? A second CM? Once you go there it falls apart.

What was it if not a CM that went out of orbit? Where did it come from? Can ballistic missiles be launched unnoticed? I think China and the Russians would have gone apeshit over that one.

Nice idea but really not feasable I think.
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