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Message Subject WASH D.C.- Heavy, Heavy Chemtrail Spraying During John Stewart/ Stephen Colbert Rally
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was in Washington D.C. For the "Restore Sanity" rally this past weekend. The first thing that my friends and I noticed upon surface from the metro, was all of the XXXX's is the sky.

They were huge and they were everywhere!! It was insane. It looked like sky writing, and it was so obvious!Everybody in my group were stunned, but most people in D.C. that day didn't seem to notice. There was active spraying the entire afternoon in Washington and Virginia.

I've been taking notice and recording info on chemtrails since right after 911---when they increased dramatically. But I've never seen anything like the other day. I was pissed that I was even there.I know in these times large crowds are a serious danger. Thes sick bastards will murder people wholesale if they can.

I find it terribly unfair that the enemies of humanity are allowed to posess every kind of technology, and we can't counter in material way.
 Quoting: Evil Bastards 1112517

BRo I'm awake when it comes to this aspect of Geo-engineering and I hate to say it but that's less than a normal day here. I've lived in arlington my whole life (save a year here and there) and you have to remember that DC has a ton of air ports surounding it. in under 20 miles there are at least 5 I can count.
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