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Message Subject The GLP CRITICAL Election 2010 Thread: *TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!*
Poster Handle Burt Gummer
Post Content
The Republicans are driving America to its death. The combination of religious fundamentalism, economics ignorance, covert racism and lack of sanity will be what will terminate the dominance of America in this era.

Greece obviously DOES NOT KNOW WHAT MADE THE UNITED STATES the Greatest Nation in the WORLD....

Greece could take some pointers when the Republicans take AMERICA back....

I don't know about Greece, I sure know what made America one of the most important countries in history.

It was not the Republicans. It was the spirit of progress. Republicans are conservatives, which is the opposite of progress.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1150082

1) You should know about Greece...unless you are using a proxy and are a liar.

2) America was FOUNDED on CONSERVATIVE (true Republican)PRINCIPLES. Pick up a book sometime.

3) The "Spirit of Progress"...was something that NEVER entered the Founding Fathers minds....EVER!
(with maybe the exception of stopping tyrants who try to SUBVERT the Constitution of the USA)

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