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Message Subject The "BIBLE" Guarantees MAY 21 2011 is Judgment day! Ask a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
From the first paragraph of the very first page of the very first site you directed us too...I find error. Therefore, your posts are not worthy and neither is the date you're giving. You may in fact be right, but when you falible words in your declerations of biblical knowledge, you are discredited by your brothers in Christ BEFORE you are discredited by the unbelieving world. I won't even bring up the passage that says "no man shall know the day nor the hour of the Lord's return".

This is from the very first site you gave a link to:

"One of the big reasons for starting this particular group will be to discuss the events that the Bible declares will unfold on May 21, 2011, such as the resurrection of the dead, the rapture of all true believers, and the closing of the door of salvation to this world."

This site and apparently the movement that is leading this May, 2011 belief must not be aware of the fact that the tribulation period is a time in which people will be witnessed to. A time in which a faithful few will be left to witness to the world, 144,000 in fact. They must not know that through the tribulation, millions will find Christ and be saved and may die as a consequence. What are the two witnesses for? Why leave 144,000 single, virgin Jewish men to witness? Why issue the 3 angels message? Because people will convert. It will only be at the end of the 1st 3.5 years of the tribulation that God will define the end of an opportunity to accept Christ. The witnesses will be ressurected and taken to heaven. The 144,000 will be removed. The harvest of the earth will be collected. So...when your supporters say that it is a "closing of the door of salvation to this world" on May 21, 2011, they are already confused from the very beginning. Even if that is the date of the rapture, the books will remain open for at least 3.5 more years.

Sad to see more Christians making claims that are filled with disinformation. Revelation 14:14 - 16:17 is the 2nd half of the tribulation and will be the actual carrying out of God's judgement on the earth. There will be no more conversions during this time and the end is announced by the angel saying "It is done".
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