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Message Subject Next False Flag Event with Exact DATE!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do you know what I predict? It comes directly from my third eye.

I predict that from the past until future, probably for ever. the fabric of our universe undergoes change. I predict that it will be discovered that free will is a life
humanity is a lie, life is a lie in the context that we currently see it in. We will discover but 1 truth - that everything we believe in so much is un real - a temporary flux in the matrix. I'm talking about beyond matter, beyond the particles of it.... I predict that underneath all of it we discover what I will for now call a brain. A brain that is computing what you call reality. This brain evolves and learns and grows just like us. And that brain which generates our reality is undergoing some serious changes to it's operating system. a Change in the OS can translate to a change in everything you saw as real and solid.

Call me crazy I don't care - I have seen this with my own eye.

At least the programmer set it up so we'd figure out what it was
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1150938

So who do you think the programmer is then?
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