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Exit Poll Results....Astonishing?

Not Really...
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United States
11/03/2010 04:34 AM
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Exit Poll Results....Astonishing?
Are the exit poll statistical results astonishing? Not really, especially when one wants to put forth a philosophical argument that goes something like this....

Ignorant, uneducated, poor voters primarily vote for the liberal socialistic agenda that will entitle them to the hard earned wages of others, while educated, informed, hard working American's primarily vote for the conservative candidate, hoping and praying like mad that the candidate will have "woken up" to what the tenets of conservatism really is and will "repent" of their corruption, and turn this nation back around.

The majority of 18-29 yr olds voted Democrat, while the 30-64 year olds were pretty much even, with a slight lead going to Republicans. Then there is the 65+ age bracket that was primarily Republican voters (and why not, Obama plans to slash their social security, medicaid, etc. and institute his Obama-care rationed care and euthanasia program).

Whites were primarily Republican voters, while a HUGE, and I mean HUGE percentage (90%!) voted Democrat! Then you have the Hispanic and Asian populations primarily voting Democrat as well. Thank God we are primarily a Caucasian nation! I can see in the very near future as the minorities, especially illegals or even legal immigrants who have NO allegiance to this country, but instead want to turn this nation into a model of their own destitute homeland, gaining the majority in short order, and then we can kiss America good bye! Btw, I'm Heinz 57, multiple mixed races, so go ahead with the accusations of "racist" and "bigot" if you want, but it's an empirical FACT!

Where income is concerned, does it surprise anyone that those who made $49,000 per year or LESS, were for the majority, voting Democrat?? It's when you get to the figure of $50,000+ that conservatism comes into play, and the Republicans gained those votes. Guess everyone is sick and freaking tired of having their slave wages stolen by threat of imprisonment or death through the IRS mafia!

Concerning education, those with NO high school diploma, and post graduates (like masters degrees) were primarily Democrat voters, while those with a high school diploma and some college (and graduates...1st degree) primarily voted Republican. A whopping 60% with NO high school diploma voted Democrat! I'm fully for a competency test (aptitude test) to vote! I don't give one iota if you agree or not...willful ignorance, stupidity, and lack of an education historically prove to be a detriment to any country.

Is it surprising that big AND small cities primarily favored Democrats, while the suburbs to rural areas (the bread basket of this nation!) is conservative and voted Republican, hoping the Repubs have learned a lesson and will "repent" and work to turn this country back to its roots??

I don't find it surprising at all that those who feel their financial situation has either improved or has not been adversely affected primarily voted Democrat, while those who have felt the deadly stinger of this depression primarily voted Republican.

In the area of ideology, nothing surprising there...liberals and most moderates voted Democrat, while conservatives primarily voted Republican.

Exit polls are conducted with a sample of voters as they exit the voting booth and give a glimpse of how different groups voted.

[link to elections.nytimes.com]