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The Lone Gunmen predict 9-11!

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11/08/2010 10:40 AM

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The Lone Gunmen predict 9-11!
The Lone Gunmen were always my favorite recurring characters on the X-Files. Mulder was kind of douchey and Scully was a wet blanket, but the three conspiracy buffs in the background were always, always, good for a laugh. Creator Chris Carter's attempts to spin-off something (anything!) from his cash cow weren't very successful, and he had another misfire in the one-season wonder that was The Lone Gunmen.

This clip is from the pilot, and it blew my mind when I watched it again this last summer. The plot? Rogue agents from America's Back Ops family try to hijack a plane going to Boston's Logan airport and fly it into the Twin Towers, blaming it on terrorists to secure more NSA funding. I'm sure it seemed as ludicrous as anything Tom Clancy ever wrote when it first aired, but my jaw dropped when I saw it again. Remember - this aired in *MARCH* of 2001.

Also, feel free to use my mnemonic device when trying to remember which Lone Gunman is which: It's Bearded Byers, Lanky Langly and Froggy Frohike. Enjoy and feel the power of pyschic tv writers!