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Weeks and weeks w/ no meteor reports then along comes Tempel and all of a sudden, there are several...

Anonymous Coward
07/07/2005 11:32 PM
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Weeks and weeks w/ no meteor reports then along comes Tempel and all of a sudden, there are several...
Fairbury Man Says He Was Nearly Hit By Meteorite
Omaha Channel.com, NE - 30 Jun 2005
FAIRBURY, Neb. -- A Fairbury man was watering his yard last week when he had a very rare and close encounter with a possible meteorite. ...

Space Debris, Meteor
Or What?
From MS Gumelar

Sunday, 26 June 2005 at 17.50 pm was MS Gumelarīs lucky day. In Graha Yasa Asri, Indonesia, his daughter called him outside saying something was falling from the sky. He, along with many neighbors, watched a magnificent ball of fire with an immense tail entering the atmosphere. Gumelar went inside, got his camcorder and began recording. He notes that it made absolutely no sound whatsoever, and as far as he could discern, it didnīt crash into the earth. He monitored the television for reports, but nothing was said.

He sent the following Windows Media clip to Rense.com for all to see. Notice the enormous size of the object at the very end of the clip, as the burning object passes behind Gumelarīs rooftop in the foreground.

Click Here To View WMV

pic and video at link:

[link to www.rense.com]

Look for meteor showers resulting from comet debris this summer
By Steve Kates, Dr. Sky, Special to the Examiner July 06, 2005

[link to www.zwire.com]

Meteors Light Up NZ Skies
Meteor showers are being seen up and down the country as Earth passes through debris from a comet
[link to godlikeproductions.com]

Meteorite background...

All About Meteorites
Bella Online - 4 Jul 2005
... In fact, over 99 percent of meteorite falls are not even witnessed. ... Stony meteorites are the most common, comprising 92 percent of all meteorite falls. ...

So do 3 reports represent 298-299 actual meteorite hits?