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Obama isn't just going to launch a friggin ICBM at Iran, the attack plan has been in place for years now.

Israel will be doing most of the legwork i.e. bombing sorties, while a large US navy task-force has been in position in the gulf for ages doing "exercises" but will really provide logistics and fire support to the Israelis.

Meanwhile the CIA funded "green revolution" movement and other agents of chaos will go all out to try and bring down the Islamic regime, kicking off a civil war

What happens then will depend on Iran's response to the action, if they just lie down (unlikely) the US would like nothing better than to declare "mission accomplished", sit back and watch the Iranian people starve to death.

This is because as well as missile strikes on military targets much of the civilian infrastructure (water, power, telecom etc.) will also be targeted. In fact, the only difference with Iraq will be that Israel will get its hands dirty, also don't expect American boots on the ground in any region where there isn't an oil well, at least "officially"

This is of course the plan as the US military would like it, however, Iran is a very different prospect to Iraq, it could all quite easily escalate out of control into a situation where we are talking about ICBM deployment and all out nuclear war. But Obama's puppet-masters just aren't stupid enough to kick it all off by launching an ICBM from the California coast line in the middle of the afternoon.

My money is still on China for this missile launch, I doubt it had a live warhead and was obviously never intended to hit anything.

This was a peace of theatre by China, in response to Obamas attempt to isolate them with his overtures to India and other South-east Asian nations. As well as Bernankes insane plan to further debase the US dollar through QE, which harms China's investments.

Right now, the US military is performing "exercises" in the Yellow Sea with Taiwan and other puppet regimes. A slap in the face to China as it is the same as them performing manoeuvres in the Hudson Bay.. or off the Californian coast.

Someone hit it on the head with regards to the MSM response, they always play down things they don't want to happen, and big up the things they have staged.
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