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Message Subject Craig Venters Synthetic Life (SYNTHIA) Is Out Of Control In The Gulf Of Mexico!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Diggerdon, thank you so much for bringing synthia out in to the public forums.

Been discussed much on BEZERK, and many see a clear difference between the main organism, dubbed Auggie, which many see as a naturally occuring entity, and synthia, a totally man made, nano engineered form of Augie.

Either way, neither of them should be in 'our' world, up here on the surface.

I cant believe that sink hole vid. Its amazing and aweful. I wonder how many other disasters, including EQs around the world are caused by the oil industry. Chasing the money is definately the moto, rather than due dilligence. Their own guidelines seem to get 'bent' to allow them to drill.

Thank you again for all your consistant, hard and amazing work. Your friend would be proud of you, as we are.

Oh, and nice to see you 'overtly' on BEZERK!
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