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Message Subject Craig Venters Synthetic Life (SYNTHIA) Is Out Of Control In The Gulf Of Mexico!
Poster Handle DiGGerDon
Post Content

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1103191


I have spent thousands of hours monitoring, recording and investigating this catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, out of over 1000 hours of recorded footage from the live cameras I have uploaded 286 videos to my YouTube channel, BeePeeOilDisaster... I have NEVER claimed to be 100% correct in ANY of my claims and if you read what it says on my YouTube channel I state "This is my INTERPRETATION" of what I have learned... "I know that I may not be hitting the nail squarely on the head at all times but I bet you I am not that far off and at least I am swinging the damn hammer" (Original quote by me...) I have a deep care and concern for my fellow man and for our continued survivability on this planet and what is taking place in the Gulf right now is a threat to our very existence... Why/how has so many allowed so few to gamble with so much?
My videos speak for themselves without me saying a word if you watch them with good graphics equipment i.e. Hi Def LCD and good video card(s), if you can not see them you are either blind or have very cheap graphics equipment, I suggest getting rid of that 1980 CRT and 8MB video card and upgrading... Clearly in this video you can see the apparitions taking place, its like a modern day "Philadelphia Experiment"...

You see I am not just making claims, I have irrefutable video proof to back up every claim that I have made and it needs to be investigated further, the cameras have been turned off since this tombstone capping fiasco and the situation has only gotten worse...

We are going to pay a heavy price for our not demanding more from the powers that be and it could very well end up being the end of man kind...

My CRATER video if you look at the date is from November 5, 2010 a mere 13 days ago and this thing is growing by the minute and eventually is going to swallow the well, thats why they rushed the capping fiasco and turned off ALL the cameras!

Please everyone, now is the time to do MORE, investigate, turn over every rock, make videos asking questions, post blogs, flood the internet and do not let this die... Thank you and God speed...
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