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Message Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another thing that just came to mind. During my experience I was friends with a woman who I considered my very best friend at the time. We had been friends for a year or so before the "event." Anyway, she was with me almost everyday after while all the "tracking" and what not was going on. It was creepy in the extreme at this house, i can't really express it in words. Rhonda and I would make jokes but it was scary being there at night or being there alone.

Rhonda would babysit for me while I went to work. She stayed with my son at my home for the most part but sometimes took him to her apartment.

Anyway, long story short, we got in an argument and parted ways because of something that she lied to me about, not related to this event at all. She basically lied to my face about something i felt was important at the time, and it severed our friendship. We did not speak again and I eventually relocated to colorado in 1999.

Anyway, she finds me on myspace in 2007 and sends me an email asking if it was really me, the woman who was her best friend all those years ago. I was elated to see her and speak with her. Our kids are grown now and we exchanged grandchild photos and kid stories.

Then she asked me if i was happy to finally leave that creepy house? I said YES! she was there when i would beg my then husband to let us move, but he refused.

Then she dropped a bomb.... she said that whatever that creepy, manacing heavy thing that was oppressing me ("tracking" me) followed her home one day and stayed in her bedroom for almost three months. I never knew this! She describes it as it literally followed her home as if it was running along side her car and stayed in her upstairs bedroom. it was the darkest thing she ever experienced and i don't know how she got rid of it, but what i can surmise is that it just eventually went away one day. She describes that time as the scariest time of her life hands-down.

I was blown away to hear her story.
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