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Message Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
Poster Handle nzreva
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Salt and Light you said,
Do you have thoughts about the apocryphal book of Adam and Eve book 1 & 2? I just got finished reading them with Secrets of Enoch. Is there anything there that relates to what you are trying to show me?

I am wondering what are your thoughts, as I do not know you' and may comment on something that is not of importance to you, as of now.

the parts i found interesting about the book of adam and eve had to do with the nature of "the garden" and the nature of their bodies before and after being expelled. i have done some study on this and there are some compelling points. adam and eve's bodies were angelic-like before leaving the garden and then afterward painfully developed physical bodies which is described in detail within the book. they did not "eat" like we understand eating food. their countenance and eyes were different and saw things in a different way that we do with human eyes. and even more compelling was the deceptive tactics used by Satayeen. The tactics were deceptive in the extreme and continued every single day since the moment they entered the garden and explains why. So deceptive and cunning that it required divine intervention to show adam and eve what was going on.

i will go get the book and quote some passages of interest.
 Quoting: Salt & Light

The part that concerns me in the Genesis 2 account is the lack of love shown toward Adam and Eve. I don't believe they were formed to be children but slaves for YHWH. in the Adam and Eve account it seems as though the love relationship is there one of a concerned, maybe Grand parent the highest of all
We have 4,000 genetic defects that is not from a perfect loving power that would be a parent or parents.
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