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Message Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the sound was like crickets chirping, only no chirp, just constant almost like fax machine but not as squealy and no interruption in the tone, one constant drone which felt like static in the air in a way. I think the projected image was a cloaking device of some sort, we were not meant to see what was behind it. My exhusband can remember it but goes emotionless and doesn't want to talk about it. Knowing him, it was too much for him and he minimalized it and doesn't want it in his thoughts. And when I pushed him to talk about it, he got angry raising his voice which he never raised his voice with me.
 Quoting: Salt & Light

Funny, but I have been hearing that "sound" for the past 3-4 days. Usually at night when I first get into bed. I think the sound is with me longer than that, but I don't pick up on it until all is quiet.

OP, I think I might post on your "dreams" post. My experience was real, not a dream, but relates to the apocalypse.

I often go back and forth with sharing this info, we'll see. :-)
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